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Lêgerîn's aim is to disseminate the material directly to collectives and youth movements and to walk side by side to advance in the anti-capitalist and revolutionary struggle. As well, to disseminate actions and materials from other organized movements around the world. Our aim is the dissemination of the ideology on which the revolution in Rojava is based, in the ideas of Rêber Apo, the Democratic Confederalism.

 Lêgerîn in Kurdish means "The search for Freedom". For this reason, we adopted this name. Like millions of people around the globe, we are seeking freedom and fighting for it. We hope to contribute with our materials, so that we have the right mechanisms and methods to be victorious in this struggle.


Insistence on Socialism is Inisitence on Being Human (pdf, EN)

Insistir en el Socialismo es inisistir en el ser Humano (pdf, ES)