Digital Space Policy

The 2020 Anarchist Bookfair in London is an online event. We keep no personal information or record of visitors except for access logs which contain an IP address, operating system and a browser name.

Please be aware that even though we do not collect any data (except for access logs) or store any cookies, the video and chat platforms do.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to host the workshops or video streaming ourselves. We use commercial third party services to facilitate those. We wish we could host the video conferencing ourselves, but this has proved expensive, difficult to maintain and with several audio or video issues which led us, reluctantly, to use commercial services.

The public video and chats will be streamed to on We will provide a link to the twitch channel and an embedded player with a text based chat.

If you want to participate in the chat you must get an account on

We host closed workshops, which we then broadcast to twitch.

Some participants will be hosting their own events, we will stream those to twitch. Some of those are open meetings hosted on the platform of their choice: Jitsi meet, 8x8 Meet, Zoom and possibly others. We will publish the information required to join any of the open meetings prior to the start time or on the event page.

There are known issues with the Firefox browser and jitsi meet, we recommend that you use another browser, or the dedicated Jitsi application for your platform if you wish to join a public meeting which is hosted on jitsi.

You should not use Firefox for the purpose of joining a Jitsi discussion. Everything else it should work fine with it.

Some of the workshops streamed on twitch are pre-recorded.

If you are facilitating a workshop we will provide you with the information required to access the video conference.

After the event is over, the workshops will undergo a minor editing process and will be uploaded to Kolektiva.Media. We might also decide to upload some of those to commercial services such as YouTube for the purposes of reaching a wider audience - If you are a workshop host and you do not wish us to do so, please get in touch.

In order to stream videos you need to have a sufficiently fast internet connection a device with the ability to do so.

We will be available throughout the weekend on the platforms mentioned in the front page (Twitch, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email).

Please note that Facebook has informed us that our account is restricted without clear indication as to how. We might be limited in our ability to address any issues through it.